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Group Half-Day Skiing with USA Olympian Travis Ganong

Group Half-Day Skiing with USA Olympian Travis Ganong

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Calling all kiddos who ski fast, train hard, and dream big! Six of you lucky youngsters will spend the day at Palisades Tahoe skiing with USA Olympic athlete Travis Ganong. This unique opportunity lets you experience a typical day in the life of a professional alpine skier, including:

~ training (pro coaching tips!)
~ free-skiing (because it’s not just about running gates!)
~ nutrition (lunch, Clif Bars, and our hometown secret ingredient—Wildflour cookies!)
~ education (questions about anything and everything welcome anytime and everywhere!)
~ smiles (photos and autographs to capture the day!)

Winning bids: One entry per bid. The highest 6 bids will each receive one participant invitation.

Session details: Weekend day in March or April 2025; exact date will be determined based on Travis' schedule. Location is Palisades Tahoe, 9am-3:00pm, meet in front of the Funi for drop-off and pick-up. Lift access not provided; season pass or day ticket required. Wildflour lunch provided. 

Participant eligibility: Open to skiers, grades 4th - 8th, who have completed at least one season of development race training or the equivalent (e.g., Jr. Devo, Devo, U12, U14) at any mountain. Skiers must bring their own race gear, including: one pair of GS or multi-event skis, one pair of all-mountain free skis, race helmet (hard ears only), goggles, poles, and boot bag with water, snacks, extra gloves. Speed suit optional, smiles guaranteed. Parents—no chaperoning; this is for the kids. Enjoy your free time!

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