May 28, 12-2pm @ BAR ONE, PALISADES

World Cultures + Art Day

Join Creekside students as we celebrate the world's amazing cultures and art! Featuring:

  • Keynote by Filipino-American Poet, Aimee Suzura and Creekside students
  • Food tasting & Traditional Outfits from countries like Japan, India, Brazil, The Philippines, France, Chile, Ukraine, Mexico and More!
  • Art Show by Eléa Bosque and Creekside TK-3rd Graders
  • Brazilian Capoeira demonstration
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June 4th at 8:45 am


Support Creekside buddies as they walk for a great cause!  All proceeds will go directly towards the Creekside PTO's fund for 2024-25 assemblies and campus-wide events.

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June 6th, 6-10PM @ Plaza Bar, Palisades

Creekside High Adults' Dance & Silent Auction

By attending this dance or purchasing from our Silent Auction, you will help us reach our goal of raising $40,000 to bring More Creekside Awesomeness™ next year! That means more scholarships, field trips, assemblies, enrichment programs, community events, and teacher support!

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Creekside Staff Favorites

School Supplies!


TK Supply List 

  • Folder with your child’s name on it for home/school communication
  • Backpack that is large enough for a folder, lunchbox, and jacket
  • Water bottle with your child’s name on it

The following items do not need to be labeled, we will be sharing them as a class:

Optional Items:

Our class has an Amazon wish list if you would like to donate an item to TK. All supplies and donations are greatly appreciated!


Class supplies

Forest Kindergarten Suggested Outdoor Clothing 

We know this clothing works the best and keeps students dry and warm.  Most of these items you will not need until the weather changes.  They are not needed on day one of school. 

Waterproof mittens

Waterproof rain pants

Waterproof rain suit

Insulated snow boot

Bogs rain boots

Wool socks

Wool hat

It’s very helpful to send your child with an extra pair of wool socks, mittens and a hat just in case.


1st Grade Supply List:

Please note: We will be sharing all materials apart from their backpack, water bottle, and folders.

Optional items

Here is our Amazon Wishlist! Totally optional, but also totally appreciated! :)


Please note: We combine all supplies with the exception of water bottles, scissors, pencil boxes, notebooks and folders. Thank you!) 

Please view our Class Amazon Wish List at 2nd Grade Wish List if you would like to gift our class something extra special to enhance our learning! Thank you!


All items must fit in a very small student bin (this is different from all previous years).  PLEASE do not purchase any binders, special pencil boxes or extra materials. I understand that students like to have special items, however they simply DO NOT fit in our bins and will be sent home!




*Please NO pencil boxes or binders as they use up too much space


Most of these supplies will stay at school so that they’re accessible each day. One pocket folder will go back and forth between home and school with home practice and graded papers. Please label everything with your child’s name and keep items in a bag or pencil case.

5th Supply list:


Supplies list for the fall: **NO binders please or pencil boxes

Each student will need the following:

All 6th grade students will be assigned a school Chromebook.  We have purchased software to help monitor student devices while at school.  Students will not be permitted to use outside devices while at school. 

Classroom Supplies for Ms. Alyssa (nice, but not required):

7th & 8th

All 7th and 8th grade students will be assigned a school Chromebook and charger.  We have purchased software to help monitor student devices while at school.  Students will not be permitted to use outside devices while at school. 

7th and 8th Grade:

Classroom Supplies for your supervising  teacher’s classroom (Nice, but not required):

Creekside Merch!

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